Travel like a explorer. Lodge like a local.

Viaje como un explorador. Alójese como un lugareño.

There is not two equal neighborhood, neither two equal hostels.

When you stay with us, you’ll be part of a place, of a comunity where our hostel offers authentic experiences, modern and simple design.

Forenna Hostel offers a perfect place for the young traveler who seeks discover the island in a different way, exploring as well as getting along with the inhabitants, getting to know its habits, its gastronomy and traditions or for who seeks to spend some days close to the beach at affordable price in the middle of the season.

Decoration, carefully choosen and cozy, generates a rest atmosphere which invites to share your experiences with the rest of the guests. Rooms, of private use, moderns and with mediterranean style, offers the perfect rest after a beach day or a field trip to any of the typical mallorquín vilalges.

Forenna hostel is different alternative in Playa de Palma, getting close to the concept of youth hostel or backpackers, but with the privacy of a hotel.

What makes us special?

New concept in Playa de Palma:

Modern concept, a place for the young traveler who seeks discover the island in another way.

Private rooms:

We are not a regular Hostel, our rooms are private alike a hotel, where you can enjoy complete intimacy!

Shared bathrooms:

Our shared bathrooms are for single use, so once inside, enjoy your complete privacy.

Common areas and entertainment:

Have a coffe or use your computer on our common areas, this way you will meet the rest of the travelers.

Captivating service:

Our staff makes the impossible to make your trip unforgettable. From what you have to see, listen or eat in Mallorca, that hidden jewels outside usual routes.

What does it means?

Takes the name from one of the first documentated references of S’Arenal, dating 1115. It can eb found on “Liber Maiolichinus de gestis Pisanorum” chronic of “La razzia pisano-catalana:

“There was a pine forest in a wide sand extension 6 miles away from Bálea wall (actual Palma), where Titan rides the ether on his chariot. With its waters, a lagoon and the sea gives them a double flank. Sunrise and sunset allows the ones going to this woods fields dry access. The place recive the name of Ramora or Forenna (many, a well, called it Catinos)”

Do you still don't know us?

We are a family passionate about hotels world, where we do everything we can to make you feel at home. Come and meet us!

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